Pre Paid Funeral Plans Leicester

Pre-paid Funeral Plans Leicester - With a Perfect Choice Funeral Plan from Richard Ward Funeral Services, you can rest assured that your personal Funeral wishes will be granted and your plan will fix our Funeral Director's costs at today's prices. Each plan also includes a contribution towards third party costs such as clergy and doctors' fees. It's a straightforward way to ease the financial and emotional burden on your family.

pre paid funeral plans leicester

Perfect Choice Funerals are brought to you by the industry's leading trade organisation, the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), so you can be sure that your Funeral will be of the highest possible standard.

Anyone can take out a Perfect Choice Funeral Plan. There is no upper age limit and no questions about your health will be asked, which makes our pre-paid Funerals suitable for everyone who wants to plan ahead for the future.

At Richard Ward Funeral Services, we pride ourselves on giving you the Funeral you want. You can have either a burial or cremation, and if there are any special details that you'd like, such as hymns or readings, you can include this in your Plan, so your wishes are made known.

Our Plans are very flexible so, if you change your mind or would like to add any other requests, you can do so at any time. To find out more about the pre-paid Funerals available in Leicester from Richard Ward Funeral Services, get in touch today, or view our price list to see how cost-effective a pre-paid Funeral can be.

Our Funeral Plans

Choose from one of our Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

  • choose your plan

  • The services of your funeral director
  • Provision of the necessary funeral arrangements
  • Professional Advice on Certification and Registration of Death
  • Conveyance of the deceased to the funeral directors premises (within 20 mile radius)
  • Care of deceased until the cremation or burial takes place
  • Coffin type
  • A hearse to convey the deceased to the nearest crematorium or cemetery
  • Provision of limousine for family and friends
  • A contribution towards the fees payable to the third parties
  • An option to view the deceased
  • The collection and administration of charitable donations
  • Funeral Directors Costs (Guaranteed)
  • Contribution to third party fees
  • Management Fees
  • Essential

  • £2960

  • Simple
  • None
  • £1670
  • £1400
  • £160
  • Classic

  • £3155

  • Veneered
  • One
  • £1905
  • £1400
  • £160
  • Premier

  • £3385

  • Superior Veneered
  • Two
  • £2135
  • £1400
  • £160

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