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Prices and Comparisons

Funeral services you can trust.

It is our aim to provide an outstanding level of Funeral Service at a fair price. We enable families to make an informed choice of which services they wish us to provide and ensure that all costs involved are fully explained.

Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation package provides a collection of the deceased from the place of death, respectful and dignified care at our premises and a simple coffin for transport directly to the Crematorium in the following days.
This charge is inclusive of the Crematorium’s charges and the Doctor’s Cremation certificates.
Our charges for this type of service are 2,432
(£2,597 if the death occurs outside of office hours)
Following a direct Cremation, families can request to have their loved one’s Ashes delivered to them at an additional cost of £105.
Those who choose Direct Cremation because they do not wish to hold a traditional Funeral Service, may also wish to arrange a Memorial service at a later date.

Hearse Only Funeral

A Hearse only funeral includes;
Administration of the Funeral Arrangements, liaison with external agencies and service providers, completion of paperwork, preparation of the deceased and hygienic treatment if required, use of the Chapel of Rest, provision of four Bearers, payment of disbursements on client’s behalf, coordination and conducting of the Funeral on the day.
Collection of the deceased from the place of death and return to our private Chapel of Rest, where he/she will be cared for and prepared ready for viewing should friends and family wish to visit.
Provision of a Hearse and Bearer’s car to meet the Family and mourners at the chosen church, cemetery or crematorium for a Funeral Service and/or committal.
The arranging and conducting of the Funeral, following all your wishes in full.
An Oak Veneer ‘Chiltern’ coffin (other coffin choices are available and listed below)

Our charges for this type of service are £2,725
(£2,890 if the death occurs outside of office hours)
Following a cremation, families may request to have their loved one’s Ashes collected from the crematorium and either arranged to be interred in a cemetery, scattered at a special place or returned to them, at an additional cost of £105. The attendance of your Funeral Director at an Ashes Interment is also included in this cost.


  • South Leicestershire Crematorium – £1,075 to £1,165
  • Great Glen Crematorium – £850 to £1,250
  • Gilroes Crematorium – £1040
  • Heart of England – £1,270
  • Doctors Cremation Certificates – £82 (only 1 required)
  • Service by Church of England Minister – from £200
  • Service by a non-religious celebrant – from £200
  • For Cemetery Fees and Grave Preparation costs, please call us on 0116 2866858 (Enderby) or 0116 2887979 (Wigston)

Additional disbursements may include, not exclusively; church fees, organist hire, order of service booklets, newspaper notices in local and national papers, floral tributes, ashes interment cemetery fees, catering and wake services. Please call us for further, more detailed pricing, in relation to these available services.

Our Price List

Coffin Type Price Professional
Hearse Limousine Price
Per Vehicle
Transfer of Deaceased
in Normal Hours
Total Cost of
Funeral Director Fees
Chiltern Oak £595 £,1320 £365 £355 £305 £2,940
Chiltern Sapele £605 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £2,950
Chiltern Knotty Oak £660 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,005
Brinley Oak £730 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,075
Kentwell Elm £680 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,025
Last Supper £740 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,085
Cambridge Oak £1,510 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,855
Painted White £670 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,015
Sea Grass £855 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £3,200
Cardboard £575 £1,320 £365 £355 £305 £2,920

Additional Funeral Director Charges

  • Transfer of Deceased out of normal hours – £470
  • Collection, attendance, delivery of Ashes (doubled for weekends & bank hols) – £ 105
  • Temporary wooden marker for Grave, with plate – Small £85 Large £105
  • Evening reception into Church (Hearse and Staff) – £785
  • Weekend reception into Church (Hearse and Staff) – £860
  • Normal Hours Reception into Church (Hearse and Staff) – £550
  • Taking Deceased home normal hours (doubled out of normal hours) – £290
  • Additional Bearers (over 4) as required to safely shoulder bear the Coffin in hours @ £ 65 each
  • Bearers car on ‘Hearse only’ Funerals and all Church Service Funerals – £140
  • Additional mileage (over radius of 20 miles) transfers and Funerals per vehicle mile – £ 2.65
  • Saturday Funeral additional charge – £610
  • Body Storage over 3 weeks, per additional week or part thereof – £30

Simplicity and Containers

A Simplicity Funeral including a Simple Coffin is available excluding disbursements priced at £2,550

This type of Funeral is a set format. Please ask the Funeral Arranger for further details.

Caskets and Containers Price
Mordern Oak £135
Double Casket £190
Scatter Tube (L/M/S) £50/35/15